As Office Assistant at DGDM, Emilie is responsible for the ins and outs of the Halle office. She is an administrative centipede and loves this hugely varied job, where she has to monitor different priorities and data every day.

Emilie has an extensive background. In 2009 she graduated in beautician and business management. After that she followed a training at the Febelfin Academy and obtained the certificates: “Banking and Finance” and “Distribution of insurance”.

She complements that extensive knowledge with a lot of experience in the administrative world. Before joining the legal profession, Emilie worked in the banking and insurance sector for 7 years. There she followed many administrative and commercial tasks.

Emilie has worked as an Office Assistant at law firm Mister Wolf in Halle since 2017. Since 2020, Mister Wolf and De Groote – De Man have merged she continues that work as part of team DGDM.

Emilie is a real family person. She therefore prefers to spend time with her family outside of work. She likes to travel, eat good food, listen to music and she likes to catch a nice movie. Emilie also works to get to know herself better and better through coaching etc .. and encourages others to also deepen their knowledge of themselves.