How nice that you want to get to know the faces behind the De Groote – De Man team better.

As you could already see, my name is Isabeau Pisonier. I obtained my professional bachelor’s degree in Legal Practice in the year 2022. During my studies, I did my internship within DGDM and as you can see, I haven’t left here since. Together with my other colleagues, I am responsible for keeping the secretariat running. I am also the side-kick of our marketing manager Laurence but also assist the lawyers with legal preparations.

You could read above that my range of tasks is very broad. This is just as well; I like variety and broadening my knowledge. Variety and learning is obviously a must in an innovative law firm like De Groote – De Man.

In my spare time, I practise my hobby of horse riding. I do this about four days a week. In addition, you can find me on the nicest terraces in Ghent.