Josie Gijbels graduated in 2018 with distinction as Master of Laws at the University of Ghent. During her studies, she mainly focused on personal and family law on the one hand and criminal law on the other. She also moved to Valencia in 2017 to study Civil Law at the Universidad de Valencia.

Driven by her love for family law in the broad sense, she obtained a Master-after-Master in Notarial Law in 2019. This allowed her to expand her knowledge in family law.

As a lawyer at DGDM, Josie handles family law cases ranging from adoptions and divorces to parentage disputes and inheritance issues. To this end, she provides clients with legal advice, draws up contracts and conducts court proceedings. Her enthusiasm and empathy give her the drive to find a solution to every problem.

Since August 2021, Josie has been recognised as a Collaborative Lawyer and has been included in the list of Collaborative Lawyers. When she acts as a collaborative lawyer, she strives to resolve a dispute through negotiation, in order to reach an amicable agreement that can be supported by both parties.

Outside of work, Josie likes to be with people. In her spare time, she roams coffee bars with friends for a cosy “coffee chat” or spends time with her family in remote Limburg.


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