Katrijn Van den Brande earned her Office Management degree in 2019. She did her final traineeship at DGDM and then immediately accepted an offer to stay on. Together with Claudia she forms the enthusiastic tandem that keeps the administrative mechanisms of our firm running at cruising speed.

The adrenaline that often dominates in a busy law firm didn’t scare Katrijn off. Quite the contrary. This adrenaline junkie enjoys a bit of tension. In her free time, you’ll find her scuba diving far below the water’s surface, or plummeting through the air at terminal velocity before deploying her parachute…

Katrijn looks for a new challenge every day, and is allergic to routine. Stimulated by the exciting atmosphere in the legal profession, and with discretion as a core quality, the match quickly became a reality.

“Straightforwardness and frankness: those are values both the firm and I can really get behind. The way DGDM communicates and the transparency we strive for here are innovative within the sector. I find it important to always be able to be yourself, even in the professional context. The fact that this is possible here makes it a pleasure to walk to the office every morning.”