A marketer in a law firm? Yes, that’s unusual.

And as it happens, ‘unusual’ is exactly what a marketer finds absolutely irresistible…

With her past experience in journalism and communication, Lien finds herself on unfamiliar territory at our firm. The perfect working situation for an enthusiastic marketer to jump in with both feet!

Passionately interested in all things digital and virtually melded to her smartphone, Lien is putting our firm on the digital map. She holds responsibility for the branding of DGDM and regularly posts interesting articles and fun items on our website and social media (Curious? Follow us on social media!). She also uses her creativity to come up with fresh ideas and work out innovative concepts together with the team. Stay tuned for more!

“When a marketer works at a law firm, that isn’t a customary combination. But that’s precisely what makes it so incredibly interesting! DGDM is anything but your standard law firm. The dynamics and innovative drive one finds here are a marketing dream.”

Insights and news items by Lien Vandeputte