Siriam graduated with honours in June 2016 as a Master in Law at Ghent University.

As a lawyer within our Privacy & IT team, she is actively involved in the ongoing expansion and design of this branch and the related services. This includes developing customised training courses, workshops, guidelines and manuals according to the needs and at the request of various clients. In addition, Siriam has also gained extensive experience in overseeing a variety of GDPR implementation processes from the start to finish phase, both for SMEs and large companies in a wide range of sectors including the real estate, marketing, media and telecom sectors as well as the political sector.

Within the Real Estate Law team, her focus is primarily on urban planning law in which she assists both individuals and companies with various aspects of environmental permit applications.

In academic terms, Siriam has previously been affiliated with SYNTRA Midden Vlaanderen, campus Ghent and Sint-Niklaas as an instructor in law for real estate brokers and as a part-time assistant in the Metajuridica, Private and Corporate Law department at Ghent University. She also regularly gives lectures as a guest speaker at various local companies on a range of privacy-related topics.

Aside from being a passionate lawyer, there is also a true entrepreneur in Siriam. For example, she is a cofounder of, an innovative tool that compiles all legally required real estate information related to selling a property into one simple search, so that it is no longer necessary to consult various (government) websites. During her studies, as a student entrepreneur, she ran the family business in Drongen, for which she took care of the commercial, accounting and legal aspects.

Siriam is passionate about building and renovating. In her free time, she devotes her energy and creativity to challenging renovation projects. From demolition to installing electricity and water pipes: she has already tackled an apartment, a house, a commercial building and a holiday home in France.


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