Mr. Stijn Mans graduated with distinction from the VUB in 2003 as a law degree. After completing his internship in the legal profession, Stijn first gained a lot of experience in the insurance sector. He eventually returned to the legal profession in 2013 to study real estate law, among other things.

As a real estate expert, Stijn is in charge of the Real Estate team at DGDM. In doing so, Stijn relies on his particularly great expertise in construction and contracting law, on the side of the contractor, architect and the builders.

Thanks to his experience in the insurance world, Stijn also has experience in insurance law. But also medical and pharmaceutical law are within his knowledge. For example, in recent years Stijn has been asked several times as a speaker at the annual symposium “Medical World” of the VUB.

Since 2016, he has been a member of the Joint Legal Aid Insurance Committee as a representative of the Dutch Bar Association at the Brussels Bar.

Stijn prefers to spend his free time in the company of family and friends. Romping with the kids, having coffee with family or cooking for the family gives him the energy to give the best of himself every working week and to delve deeper into his files