Yoni graduated in 2017 in the bachelor Office Management at Hogent, where she discovered her interest in law during her internship at Ugent within the Department of Criminology, Criminal and Social Law. Through an Erasmus exchange she studied for a semester at the University of Limerick in Limerick, Ireland. She then obtained a second bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Recreation Management at Thomas More via a shortened track, during which she enjoyed an internship in London.

After her studies, she could start as a Personal Assistant at Everest Advocaten, which she did with both hands. This only increased her interest in law, especially corporate law.
Since 2022, she has been strengthening DGDM as Office Assistant. She likes to keep things in order and to make sure that everything is finished down to the last detail. She dislikes routine and loves the variety and challenges within the world of law.

With her degree in tourism, she is ready to travel the world and discover more. Back home, she can often be found in a cosy coffee shop, ready to organise her next trip all by herself.