If you are renting out a house or building, you naturally want a good tenant, someone who will pay on time in full. After all, as a lessor you often need these revenues yourself in order to pay off the mortgage loan or as an investment instrument.

A tenant who doesn’t pay, or only does so irregularly, not only means a lack of revenues, but often even extra expenditures in order to get him to pay. Or, in the worst case, to evict him from the building. Moreover, you then have to look for a new tenant all over again, which will cost you even more money.

Screening of prospective tenants

Protect yourself by carefully checking out the candidates first. We can perform a number of thorough checks for you in order to analyse your prospective tenant. So you know the very same day whether there’s a risk that your new candidate is a bad tenant.

What do we regard as a “bad tenant”?

Not all situations and tenants are the same. On the basis of our many years of experience, we have learned that there are actually three types of bad tenants:

The accidental bad tenant: this tenant fulfils all of the conditions at the start of the lease, but due to circumstances at some point he becomes unable to pay. E.g. due to illness, an accident, personal problems, family problems, loss of a job, etc. Here the tenant involved can’t really do all that much about it. So predicting this type of tenant is impossible, or at the least very difficult.

The intrinsic bad tenant: this is someone who, in reality, can’t actually afford the rent. A general guideline is that you may spend a maximum of 30% of your income on where you live. Thus actually you can discover this type of tenant yourself by verifying in advance what the (combined) income of the tenant(s) is.

The malevolent bad tenant: you absolutely do not want this type of tenant. A malevolent bad tenant not only doesn’t pay, he sometimes abuses landlords by trashing the premises and so on. Generally these people already have a history of non-payment. They move all the time and are often known to other creditors. This is the type of tenant that we detect with our screening.

How do we do this?

You provide us the data of your prospective tenant (name, date of birth and possibly the national register number).

We check for you whether your candidate has changed address often over the past 10 years and whether he/she is known as a defaulter amongst creditors.

In principle you already receive on the day of your request a specific opinion from us, after receipt of payment.

Throughout Belgium

The screening of a prospective tenant is possible for all real properties, throughout Belgium. We can do the checks for anyone who is recorded in the population register or the foreign nationals register in Belgium.


You pay a flat fee of € 55.00 (including VAT) for the screening of a prospective tenant. A small price for the costly risks that you can exclude in this way.

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