Kenny Lammens, Author at De Groote De Man

Atty Kenny Lammens graduated with a Master in Law from the University of Leuven in 2012. During his master years, Kenny focused on all aspects of civil and criminal law. Since April 2015, he has been a member of the Ghent bar and has joined our team.

Having developed a particular interest in traffic cases (both civil and criminal), over the years Kenny has specialised ever more in criminal law. Since 2016 he also holds the certificate that is required in order to be allowed to conduct proceedings before the Court of Cassation in criminal matters. This means that he can defend the interests of his clients all the way up to the top Belgian judicial level. Since 2018 he is Associate Partner of our firm’s Criminal Law department.

Both victims and offenders can contact Kenny and be certain that they will always be assisted with equal dedication.

“I will stop at nothing to defend my client’s interests. Although this doesn’t mean blindly following every whim they have. The lawyer is the first judge. A thorough study of the file, followed by discussions with the client, is essential for arriving at a realistic view of the possibilities. A failure to rein in unrealistic expectations early on virtually ensures major disappointments further down the line. A well-informed client is much more likely to be a satisfied client. ”

During the week you can always find Kenny in court or at the office, but in his free time he prefers to explore the most beautiful routes in Ghent and environs on his Vespa.