Emilie De Baere graduated magna cum laude from the University of Ghent in 2006. After her traineeship at the Ghent Bar with the law firm Storme, Leroy, Van Parys, she joined the renowned law firm Eubelius. During 11 years there, she gained experience in complex litigation in the broad field of business law and company law in particular.
After her studies, Emilie obtained a master’s degree in Business Law at the University of Antwerp.
On 1 June 2022 Emilie joined DGDM as an Associate Partner responsible for the corporate law team.
Emilie enjoys assisting entrepreneurs with practical and applied advice in the broad field of business law. Her goal is to understand what keeps entrepreneurs awake at night and to relieve them of their worries by providing practical and proactive advice.
Meanwhile, Emilie has more than 15 years of experience and has built up specific expertise in conflicts within companies, and disputes that arise as a result of share or asset deals.
Although Emilie will defend her clients in court with passion, she always investigates whether an amicable solution is possible. Her razor-sharp legal and cost-benefit analyses, based on the client’s expectations and concerns, ensure that she strives for the best possible outcome for all stakeholders involved. She is particularly appreciated by her clients for her personal involvement.
Besides her work as a lawyer, Emilie is also academically active. From 2007 to 2012, she was a teaching assistant at the KULeuven (Kortrijk department) in the General Law of Obligations under the supervision of Professor Vincent Sagaert and since 2017 she has returned to her alma mater and works as a teaching assistant at the Institute for Procedural Law under the supervision of Professor Piet Taelman.
Emilie is also an expert in Belgian class actions. She published the Belgian basic manual on this subject in 2017 and teaches and publishes regularly on this subject. Given her special knowledge, she is regularly asked as a speaker and author and has been asked to supervise the drafting of legal texts in this field.
She has also won several prestigious awards. In 2004, she won the APR Prize, in 2006 she won the Albert Fettweis Prize and in 2007 she won the TPR Prize for her publication on “Litigating in cases of mass damage: towards a class action in Belgian law?”.
From 2007 to 2010, she was also part of the editorial secretariat of the TPR.
When Emilie is not in court or at the office, you can probably find her in her vegetable garden.