Many people are concerned about how much the bill will be for a lawyer’s services. But there is absolutely no need for anxiety! We provide full transparency so that there will be no unpleasant surprises. During the initial consultation, clear agreements will always be made with the client.

Our fees are made up of two parts:

  1. Fees
  2. Costs

All prices include VAT unless otherwise specified. If you choose a product with a fixed price, then there will only be additional costs or honoraria in the situations described in each separate product.


Depending on the nature of the case and whether you are a private individual or a corporation, either a fixed fee will be set for the service to be provided, or we may choose to work with an hourly rate.

As from 01.01.2023, the firm will charge the following rates:

  • an hourly rate of € 175,00 / hour excl. VAT (€ 211,75 incl. VAT).
  • For associate partners, this hourly rate is € 200,00/ hour excl. VAT (€ 242,00 incl. VAT).
  • For partners,  this hourly rate is € 250,00 / hour excl. VAT (€ 302,50 incl. VAT).


There will be a fixed fee of 15% on top of the fees charged for administrative costs. This flat-rate fee covers all administrative costs incurred on behalf of the client, including travel costs in Belgium.

Expenses incurred on behalf of the client (such as the fees for bailiffs, notaries, appraisers and external lawyers, travel costs outside Belgium, travel and catering costs, courier and special shipping costs, research and document binding costs, costs for translation agencies, etc.) will be invoiced, subject to VAT where applicable. These costs are not included in the 15% flat rate.

Court fees will always be passed on to the client in the amount as billed to the law firm by the bailiff, notary, court, or other party.