Law is order in liberty
and without order
liberty is social chaos

  1. Smart Rebels

    We are smart rebels: we look for innovative solutions and we're not afraid to stray off the beaten path. Our expertise and loyalty are the foundations of DGDM. We embrace technology where it can enrich us, and use it to free up more time to devote to high-quality, personal service. It's all in the name of our (relationship with) our customers.

  2. Proactive

    We are there at the right moment, at the client's request or at our own initiative, as necessary. We are there before the problem becomes a problem, and remain available after it has been resolved. We do not limit ourselves to a single area of the law, which allows us to study each client's specific context from various perspectives.

  3. Straight shooters

    We stand for clear advice. Not a range of options and possibilities, but one single solution tailored to the client's needs. We aim for clarity and simplicity, both in formulating our advice and in the practical application of the law and regulations. We offer clarity and certainty, including in new fields such as online privacy and big data.

  4. Collaboration

    We are a participatory and cooperative enterprise. We believe that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. We strive to create an ecosystem in which there is space for complementary relationships. Thanks to this approach, we are a valuable partner and resource for the entire playing field, from start-ups to larger corporations, from knowledge institutions to banks and insurance companies and from other law firms to bailiffs.

  5. Knowledge

    We make the law more accessible to a wide audience, and convert it into concise information. We thus streamline complex regulations and processes into convenient tools that can be used by anyone. What's more, we also share our expertise outside of our law practice, in the form of accessible articles, lectures and personal coaching.

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