Mr Lars Vandecasteele graduated with distinction as Master of Laws at Ghent University in 2021. For years, he has been fascinated by human creativity and innovation, which led him to focus mainly on intellectual rights and everything related to technology during his studies. This interest also led him, during his studies, to work as a legal consultant at 180 Degrees Consulting Ghent, a consulting by students that advises socially engaged non-profit organisations inside and outside Ghent.

To delve even deeper into new technologies and their legal implications, Lars continued his studies with a ManaMa IP & IT at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. This gave him the opportunity to specialise in data protection, media and telecoms, among others, while at the same time mastering the English language.

Out of the office, Lars keeps himself largely occupied with music, be it by going to a good gig with friends or indulging in his own cover band.

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