Is my crypto investment safe?

“Our ‘Criminal Law’ and ‘Data, Tech & Entertainment’ departments have joined forces to develop ‘Check My Crypto.’


Crypto scam / crypto fraud

Before you decide to invest, we will investigate whether the party you want to deal with, whether online or offline, is reliable.

Even if you have already invested through an online crypto broker, we will verify its reliability before you invest more money.

By taking an independent look at things, we manage to approach matters objectively and analyze whether your potential investment is genuine or a crypto scam.


How to spot crypto fraud?

Having seen clients’ files for years after the damage has already occurred, we have a lot of experience in how scammers and fraudsters operate.

The way you are approached, the method and mode of payment, and the manner of communication are often classic warning signs to identify scams.

Based on a standardized checklist, we determine whether you may have a problem.


What if you have been deceived online with bitcoins, altcoins, or other digital currencies?

If this is the case, we will provide you with some tips on how you can try to recover at least part of your funds.

In addition, we will give you some guidelines to be aware of. Often, people who have been cheated by malicious individuals are scammed again. To prevent this, we provide you with some tips on what to look out for.

If you are unable to recover anything yourself after a crypto fraud, we will explain what you should do, what the risks and costs are.



People who invest in cryptocurrencies or other digital currencies often want to remain anonymous and do not like to disclose what has happened to them. People often forget that they are victims themselves, even if they may have done something unwise in hindsight.

We are lawyers, which implies that you can approach us in the utmost confidence, where we are bound by one of the strongest professional secrets, namely that between the lawyer and his client.


What is the cost?

For this service, we charge a fixed price of €600.00 (including VAT).


What can you expect from us?

  • We conduct an extensive investigation into the party you want to deal with,
  • Based on an online questionnaire, we will request the necessary information from you to conduct our analysis,
  • You will receive a detailed report of our findings with a reasoned explanation of whether the party you want to deal with is reliable or not.
  • What we do not do is provide financial advice on certain coins or investments. We are lawyers who independently perform the above task for you.


Why would you do this?

The market for cryptocurrencies is not regulated, meaning that no government or institution gives you guarantees about the reliability of the broker or party you are working with. Thanks to the investment in ‘Check My Crypto,’ you can prevent financial setbacks.


For whom do we do this?

This service is for individuals worldwide; it doesn’t matter where you live or what your nationality is.

The report will be delivered to you in Dutch, French, or English.”

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