Who, what, where?

If you are a public authority, then your core activity is processing data on a large scale and you need a Data Protection Officer.

In other cases, too, the legislation provides that you need such a manager.

In many cases, your company may be too small or automated to such an extent that you actually have no room to hire a full-time or even part-time employee.

Internal or external DPO

As a law firm specialised in GDPR and privacy legislation, we are the right consultants to help your company chart its course in terms of privacy. This can be done externally (in which case, we are not physically present in your company) or internally (in-company guidance).

In article 37, the GDPR legislation explicitly provides that a company may work with an external manager. The legislators have clearly correctly anticipated that many companies do not have the ability or the knowledge to do this themselves.

What do we do as DPO?

First of all, we check whether you need such a position.

If that is the case, we will analyse your processes to see if they are in compliance with the legislation. If necessary, we will recommend that you use one of our packages to achieve compliance.

Once this is in order, we will monitor your processes, advise you and assist you in the event of data leaks.


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