After GDPR, what next?

Many companies believe they are fully compliant with the privacy guidelines of the GDPR. In practice, however, ad hoc issues still arise.

In short, in a post-GDPR world, many problems and questions still arise.

De Groote – De Man is working with you to find a concrete, pragmatic solution for your business!


Experience and expertise

Our team has been supporting companies in their GDPR process since the adoption of the new legislation about a year and a half ago. Our clients are European companies from various sectors, including marketers, IT companies, financial service providers such as banks, listed companies and SMEs.

Our expertise in the field of the new privacy legislation ensures that we can offer an extensive range of solutions, such as full service GDPR packages, workshops and our eConsent tool, but we can also provide custom-tailored advice for your company.


Customised GDPR advice

We believe that every company has its own identity and that the GDPR can be applied accordingly. And we are here to help with that.

We will help you address the specific compliance challenges facing your company, for which there is no standard solution.

For example, perhaps you have done everything to comply with the GDPR, but now certain complications are coming to light?

Or are you still working on the necessary adjustments to become compliant and are there obstacles that you do not know how to tackle?

Or do you only need advice for certain specific issues?

It’s all possible.

Together, we’ll look at the situation and find the right solution for your company.

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Are you looking for specific advice or a hands-on solution to tackle your GDPR problems?

Contact the experts of our Privacy & IT team and we'll help you out.