Assistance with liability for company founders and directors

The liability of founders and directors of companies is a seriously underestimated responsibility. For example, the founder of a company can be held personally liable if the company goes bankrupt within three years of its establishment.

The untimely filing of annual accounts can also be used in order to invoke directors’ and officers’ liability. Suppliers can use this in order to sidestep the company and sue you personally.

Nowadays, directors of companies are increasingly targeted by claims from other stakeholders in the company.

Banks and insurance companies

Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the law in this area, we can assist you on every level in this process. In particular, we have very extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to liabilities of directors in banks or insurance companies. For clarification, also see one of our articles on the subject.

In close collaboration with our criminal law specialists we can support you on all levels of the process.

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  • what rights and duties you have
  • what statutes and case-law can play to your advantage

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