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Free legal advice from our specialist

How does it work?

No phone calls or lengthy emails, we’re just a WhatsApp message away from your client.

  • Your client asks a question via WhatsApp.
  • Our lawyer responds immediately with professional advice as a service from your office.
  • Our lawyer is at the service of your client for half an hour for free. That is usually enough to address the most important questions.
  • Your client is assisted, satisfied with your top service, and it costs them nothing.


What do you need to do?

Actually, nothing, except, of course, mention our WhatsApp number on your website.

This doesn’t have to cost you any money or effort either.

With our professionally designed banner, all the information is directly on your website!
This can also be personalized to include the name of your office. If there are other formats that fit better on your website, we can also provide a customized version.









If you would also like printed flyers to distribute to clients, we offer 250 copies for free. These can also be personalized with your logo or name.

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If you're interested in this exclusive free service, please contact us. If you'd like a (personalized) banner and/or flyers, be sure to mention it.

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