When your business begins to grow, a myriad of challenges emerges. Hiring your first employee(s), agreements with your partner, and what about investors again?

As your company expands, legal issues start popping up like psychedelic mushrooms. When it starts to overwhelm you, you need an expert to guide you safely through the legal maze.

Of course, there are plenty of lawyers. However, their price tags often make you prefer consulting Dr. Google first.

Just like relying on a medical diagnosis via the internet isn’t the best plan, the same goes for online legal advice and free downloadable contracts. This information is usually outdated, incomplete, or outright incorrect. Many entrepreneurs before you have crossed our office doors after the painful consequences of a bad contract or an uninformed decision became apparent.

It can be different

We understand that a young company doesn’t want or can afford expensive legal costs. Yet, these businesses need good advice and contracts right now. That’s why we’ve put together a unique total package: 6 hours of legal advice that you can use how and when you want.

And on top of that, you’ll receive 6 free high-quality contracts.


6 Hours of Personal, Legal Advice

Whether you need extensive advice or just have a quick question, want to make a brief phone call or schedule a longer meeting, it’s all possible.

In this starter package, you get 6 hours of legal advice that you can use for whatever you need, whenever you need it, and however you want. You’ll always deal with the same expert within our experienced Business Law team. So, you have a dedicated contact person in our office who is always fully informed about your case.


6 Free High-Quality Contracts

In addition to the advice, we’ll send you 6 templates of contracts. These are the most essential basic agreements for a young, growing company.

  1. An individual employment contract, necessary for when you hire your first employee.
  2. A shareholder agreement to confidentially regulate agreements and relationships between partners/shareholders.
  3. A management agreement to entrust (part of) the leadership of your startup to an expert with specific expertise or a business angel.
  4. An independent cooperation agreement for freelancers, suppliers, or other self-employed professions you may rely on.
  5. A non-disclosure agreement to protect business secrets during negotiations and discussions with future partners.
  6. An intellectual property transfer agreement to gain ownership of creations within and for your company.

All contracts are drafted by experienced lawyers in business law and have successfully weathered multiple legal storms. 100% top quality.

Of course, every business is different. If you want to fine-tune and customize a contract to fit your company, you can immediately address this with your contact person.



The starter package costs a total of €1035 (excluding VAT). You will always have the 6 hours of advice available, which you can use all at once or spread over multiple occasions.

We’ll send you the contract templates right away.

€ 1035 (excl.BTW) More info about our prices

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