Do grandparents have the right to see their grandchild?

Yes, in principle, every grandparent has the right to see his/her grandchild.

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Does this need to be done through the court?

No, parties can mutually agree on a settlement.

At De Groote – De Man, we always strive for an amicable settlement in the first instance. In many cases, a solution can be reached through a joint discussion. The specific agreements made are best documented in an agreement, which is then ratified in an official judgment.

If sitting down together with all parties is not possible or if a mutually agreeable settlement cannot be reached, then the request for contact must be directed to the Family Court.

For this, a petition must be drawn up, explaining the specific situation and the concrete request.

Our Family Law team supports you from A to Z in this sensitive matter and ensures a personal and correct handling.

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