Why is alimony indexation necessary?

Every year, the cost of living increases according to the price index. Logically, a more expensive ‘life’ must also be taken into account for the maintenance contribution for children and/or ex-partners.

This applies to both the amounts determined by a judge and those agreed upon between you and your ex-partner.

When should alimony indexation be done?

The amount must be indexed every year on the 1st day of the month in which you first made a contribution.

For example, if the first payment took place on September 5 in year X, it must be indexed every year from September 1.

How do I calculate this?

You can calculate the correct indexed amount yourself. Click here to learn how.

Who is responsible for indexation?

The responsibility to monitor and implement this lies with you. Anyone with a court order or agreement specifying the amount must index it themselves.

Questions or issues regarding alimony?

Then, contact us in case of disputes or overdue payments of maintenance support, for example.

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