A GDPR audit is the ideal way to assess where your business currently stands in the implementation of GDPR, what potential risks your activities entail, and where you need to pay specific attention.

Being GDPR compliant?

This means transparency about how your company handles the processing of personal data, implementing the necessary security measures, both technically and organizationally. But it also involves creating the required policies and raising awareness among your employees about how to handle personal data.


Failure to comply with GDPR regulations increases the risk of severe sanctions following a complaint or inspection by the Data Protection Authority. As a business owner, it is essential to take this risk seriously and rely on our expertise.

How does a GDPR audit proceed?

During the introductory meeting, we review the entire business process with you.

Next, we ask you to fill out the GDPR Audit checklist as thoroughly as possible, after which we request any additional information and documents.

Based on all this information, we create the audit report and immediately link it to an action plan. Both in the audit report and the associated action plan, we clearly indicate the various action points and their priority, so you know exactly which actions to prioritize.

Finally, we explain the GDPR audit report in detail.


The cost of this process depends on various factors and may vary depending on the sector, the complexity of the business processes, the nature and quantity of (personal) data within the company, etc. Generally, after the initial introductory meeting, we can quickly provide you with a targeted cost estimate, possibly divided per phase.

What after the GDPR audit?

DGDM has extensive experience in conducting a GDPR audit and implementing GDPR. You can choose to engage our experts for the preparation of the necessary documents and their implementation within your business after receiving the audit report.

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Do you want a GDPR audit?

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