Privacy obligations on your website

Almost every website processes personal data of its visitors in some way. Various laws require website owners to be transparent about this. This can be done in different forms, such as a cookie policy, privacy statement, and a disclaimer.

Cookie Policy

The purpose of cookies can vary: for example, improving the visitor experience, using data for statistics, or marketing and sales purposes.

For instance, a website visitor easily chooses the language in which they want to visit the website, and thanks to a cookie, their choice is remembered for a subsequent visit. Customer-friendly, right?

Certainly, but if you do or want to do these kinds of things, you need a cookie policy.

Privacy Statement

Do you use a contact form on your website or sign-up options for a newsletter? Blog posts that can be shared on social media?

It’s time to provide a privacy statement.


Can your visitors consult your product/service offerings or other information? Can website visitors comment on your blog posts?

A disclaimer is necessary!

Where to Begin?

What should you take into account, and how should you correctly implement all the obligations? Sometimes it’s better to enlist the help of an expert. In no time, our experts will bring your website into compliance with these obligations. This saves you a lot of time and gives you the assurance that everything is in order.

Step 1: Analysis

Our team of specialists analyzes the website and identifies processes that involve privacy obligations. Upon request, we also review agreements with your service providers.

Step 2: Tailored Advice

You will then receive tailored advice with practical and pragmatic recommendations to adjust your website and contractual relationships in line with the legislation. Additionally, depending on the case, you will receive a cookie statement, privacy statement, and disclaimer to communicate transparently with your website visitors.

Step 3: Rest Assured!

Once you have implemented our advice, we will check again to ensure that the new procedures fully comply with the advice. This way, you can be sure that your adjustments are fully in line with the legislation.

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