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“Starting an online store involves more than just setting up the technological aspects of your online shop. There are also several strict legal obligations for online sales. These obligations are particularly important when selling online to consumers.

What are the relevant documents for an online store?

The key legal documents for an online store include:

  • Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • Model Withdrawal Form
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Disclaimer


There are severe penalties for online stores that do not comply with these obligations. As a business owner, it’s essential to take this seriously and establish a solid legal foundation for your online store.

Avoid Copying

Many online stores simply copy their terms and conditions from other (foreign) webshops. This is not a good strategy. Firstly, you don’t know if the terms you are copying are correct, and secondly, each store is often unique, especially when dealing with different countries. This leads to a false sense of security and may not prevent sanctions or problems in practice.

Engage Experts

DGDM has extensive experience in the legal setup of an online store and can quickly draft the necessary legal documents.

What We Do

  1. We go through the entire sales process with you, considering whether you are selling to consumers, businesses, or both.
  2. We then draft the necessary documents and assist you in implementing them.
  3. If required, we ensure that all documents are legally translated into the necessary languages (working with experienced specialists).


The cost for an online store package (in one language) is at least €1,500.00 (excluding VAT).

Why at least? The price depends on the size of your business. It’s obvious that an online store like requires more work than a local caterer’s webshop.

We are happy to provide you with a customized quote for this.”

Starting from €1,500.00 excluding VAT More info about our prices

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