In response to the new rental law, we have created a model lease agreement that you can use for renting out your house/apartment/studio or room. This model is fully compliant with the most recent rental legislation, ensuring that your contracts do not contain outdated elements. Moreover, this document has been prepared by experienced real estate lawyers, ensuring its quality. Rest assured, there will be no unpleasant surprises.



You will receive the model in Word format so that you can make the necessary adjustments yourself and use the contract multiple times (for different properties or potential future tenants).

If you prefer not to make the details yourself, you can also leave this to our experts. In consultation with you, we will tailor the lease agreement to your situation and needs.



You can obtain the model lease agreement for €150.00 (including VAT).

A customized contract costs €300.00 (including VAT), as this involves a bit more time. For this price, we create your model tailored to your needs in consultation with you and perform one potential revision.


Why is this not free?

If you search a bit, you can find some free agreement templates on the internet. Just like you can ask Dr. Google for a diagnosis for those annoying ailments. A good idea? Not really. You’re better off entrusting your health to a real doctor.

The same applies to this lease agreement. This is a high-quality model document that has been prepared with the necessary precision and effort. This way, we can guarantee that you won’t encounter any problems with this model and that it fully complies with rental legislation.


How can I get a model contract?

Contact us and let us know which model agreement you would like to receive. We will then ask you to pay the standard or custom price. Once we have received your payment, we will send you the appropriate model.

€75,00 More info about our prices

Ordering a standard lease contract

Do you have any further questions or would you like to order a model contract?

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