Adopting your partner's child

“Do you want to adopt one or more (minor or adult) children of your partner? We will examine whether this is legally possible for you.

Initially, we will sit down with you physically or online to assess your individual situation thoroughly.

If there are no obstacles and all legal conditions for adoption are met, we begin drafting a petition.

In this petition, the focus is mainly on presenting your ‘story’ so that the judge immediately has a clear picture of the circumstances (how long have you known your stepchild, why do you want to adopt, what is the bond with your stepchild, etc.). Additionally, all legal conditions are elaborated in the petition and assessed in your specific situation.

After filing the petition, we closely monitor your case. We review the opinion given by the Public Prosecutor’s Office on the adoption at the registry and defend it if necessary. It is also possible that the biological parent does not agree with the adoption and puts this in writing. In this case, we provide the necessary assistance and defense.

After the preliminary investigation, your case will be heard in the family court.

Of course, we assist you during the court hearing and orally explain your case. We provide advice and support during this hearing.

After the hearing, we continue to monitor the case until everything is changed in the civil registry, and the final ‘adoption deed’ is drawn up by the municipality/city.”

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I want to adopt a child from my partner

Contact us, and we will discuss with you the various possibilities for adopting a child.

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