The protection of intellectual creations, inventions, know-how, brands, data, software, trade or product names, etc. is crucial for many businesses. Not infrequently, intellectual property rights and trade secrets are among the most valuable assets for companies.

Understanding your business needs and objectives, we assist your company, association, government agency, etc. with strategic legal and commercial advice. We advise you on the protection, exploitation, and enforcement of your intellectual property, (copyright, trademarks, patents, drawings, domain name, etc.). In addition, we also look at related aspects such as confidentiality (NDA) and non-competition.

We provide IP contracts that guarantee the optimal protection and commercialization of your intellectual property. We help you with the registration of your domain name or trademark.

If you are faced with an IP dispute, we look after your interests and determine with you what the best strategy is for the best results.

Finally, you can also come to us for advice on the fiscal treatment of copyright fees and the application for an IP-ruling.

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