Mr. Kris Du Bois is a lawyer at the bar of Brussels and teacher in real estate law at AMS –  UIA

Kris obtained a law degree with distinction from KUL. He then started his career as a lawyer in 1997 at the Dendermonde bar. Before the end of his internship, he set up his own law firm in his home port of Halle, south of Brussels. Kris was a founder and partner at Vanbelle & Du Bois from 1999-2014. This office became “Mister Wolf” in 2014, where he was a Managing Partner. Mister Wolf and De Groote – De Man have merged since 2020 and Kris is now a Partner at DGDM.

Kris has extensive and in-depth expertise in real estate law. During his years of experience, he assisted almost all players in that sector. That is how he started defending contractors, architects – including the Order of Architects – and builders. From that experience, Kris has a lot of technical background within the sector. He is also familiar with the world of real estate agents and notaries who experience problems in real estate transactions and where fast action is essential. Finally, he is also a sounding board for promoters and real estate investors, contacts in which his financial and strategic real estate knowledge is especially crucial.

In 2008 Kris refined practical real estate knowledge in the academic field with a Master After Master in “Real Estate and Finance (MRE)” at Antwerp Management School, the renowned business school of UIA University. He graduated with great distinction as the first of the academic year. Because of his knowledge and high result, the university nominated him in 2009 as a lecturer in Real Estate Law. To this day, Kris enthusiastically teaches AMS there. Sharing real estate knowledge with other teachers, specialists and students is a real passion.

As a lawyer, Kris has a second passion – besides real estate – to assist and unburden entrepreneurs! He is a true entrepreneur himself and understands and speaks the language of entrepreneurs like no other. For many SME managers, he supports and allows crucial decisions that often go beyond the purely legal.

Kris’s favorite motto is “Plus est en vous“. There is more in you than you (first) realize. His mission is to help clients, students and those around him to transcend themselves.

Kris built up a very large network during his career. He can often be found at networking events and is part of RES (the Real Estate Society). He is also an expert in the City of Halle and the Municipality of Affligem in the GeCoRo. He is also a director of Unizo Halle and Chairman of the VZW Ketel, which connects starters with vacant retail properties.

Despite his busy schedule and many activities, Kris is first and foremost the father of three children. His little spare time goes primarily to them, seaside weekends, travel, friends and restaurant visits. On a sporting level, Kris practices yoga, tennis or paddle every week … and is also a sports car enthusiast. Boys will be boys.

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