The simplest way to divorce

A divorce by mutual consent is the most humane way to divorce.

If there are marital difficulties, we always check whether a divorce by mutual consent is one of the possibilities. If this doesn’t succeed, then we have to switch over to a different procedure.

Conditions of divorce by mutual consent

Essential to arrive at a divorce by mutual consent is that there be a full agreement between the parties. This means that there has to be an agreement about the children, the assets and your mutual relations.

In order to obtain this, both parties often have to make concessions. Thanks to the mediation of e.g. a lawyer during the preceding negotiations, one can often succeed in concluding a divorce by mutual consent.

Where concessions have to be made, we make sure that you understand very clearly what your rights are and what the alternatives are if there is no agreement. In this way you can perfectly weigh what you do and do not wish to concede in order to reach an agreement.

Your lawyer for a divorce by mutual consent

Together with you we discuss what the possibilities are for divorcing. We look at all components of a possible agreement, assets agreement, agreement about the children and, as applicable, even about your pets. Up to two times we will meet with the opposing party in order to negotiate and draft all the documents for you.

The court cost is also included in this price – but translation costs, requests for foreign documents or possible notarial costs are not.

If more meetings are necessary, the work is charged at our fixed hourly rate.

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