Procedure defects after delivery.

“The delivery is an important step in the construction process.

It is the moment when the contractor deems the work complete and presents it to the client. For the client, it is the moment to accept the work.


Delivery is crucial

With the meeting between the contractor and client, certain deadlines begin to apply. Moreover, it also covers visible defects. This means that from that moment, the client has accepted the visible defects that were not mentioned during the delivery.

If there are non-visible or hidden defects, the law also prescribes that a procedure must be initiated within a short period after their discovery. A procedure does not just mean sending a letter; an actual summons must be issued. If this is not done, there is a chance that the claim is irrevocably lost.

Your lawyer during the delivery.

We first examine the contracts. We go on-site and assess the problems. After analysis, we advise you on the steps to follow. In legal disputes, we also stand by your side, determining the responsibilities of each party.”

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