Strategy in an ongoing investigation into your assets

Forming the object of a criminal investigation into the origin of your assets is a very invasive experience. Giving illegal monies a legal appearance is the simplest description of the money laundering offence. Usually it involves monies obtained from some form of criminality or official revenues that were not declared to the tax authorities (so-called “black” money).

Generally, criminal-law investigations into this type of criminality are highly complex and difficult for legal laymen to understand.

De Groote – De Man has seasoned corporate lawyers and criminal defence lawyers in house, and it is therefore the ideal firm to accompany you during this difficult sort of affair, independent of the possibility that you might face criminal charges.

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Unexpectedly the object of an investigation?

Be sure to get timely advice and make an appointment with our specialists. We assign both our experts in corporate law and our criminal defence lawyers to assist you.

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