We use the Internet on a daily basis and that makes us a target for criminal activity on the web. Computer crimes or ‘cybercrime’ are modern crimes that are increasingly common and are often still difficult to trace. Think of phishing, identity theft via the Internet, hacking, ransomware, etc.

Because these are often complex crimes, it is best to opt for the assistance of a lawyer with specialized knowledge in this area. Our criminal law team regularly collaborates with our IT law department in these cases and has special expertise in so-called internal and external hacking.

We also assess risks. We rely on a network of ‘ethical hackers’ who test and monitor the software of our clients.

Our lawyers inform clients preventively and strive to provide a quick remedy when necessary. In addition, we now have special expertise in ransomware cases. We also work together with numerous external experts in this type of cases.

Would you like to engage the services of our lawyers in connection with cybercrime? We are happy to help. Contact us with your specific question via the contact form.

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