Are you a private individual, promoter, contractor, architect,… and are you facing a construction problem? Every day, our experts unburden clients from all areas of expertise who are dealing with construction problems.

For instance, we have experience with conceptual problems concerning liability of architects and/or engineers.

Also implementation problems in which the liability of contractors plays a role is daily fare for us.

We go to great lengths to maximize your chances of success in the event of a dispute. If legal expertise is required, we can call upon our vast network of technical experts who are specialized in moisture, stability, valuation,…

However, contracting is more than just solving construction problems, it is also about preventing problems from arising. We provide you with good contracts, with all partners (builders, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, …).

In addition, we advise in discussions during the implementation, on-site control by social inspection, construction violations, …

Disputes/discussions about correct settlement are also common: payment for work carried out, for additional work, compensation when large parts are removed from the contract,… In this case too, you can always count on our experience and extensive know-how.

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