Theft is the property crime par excellence. This crime is severely punished in our criminal code.

In the event of theft, there are also many aggravating circumstances that can lead to a more severe penalty:

– At night

– With two or more people

– Using a vehicle

– With breaking and entering

– With violence

For example, burglary theft is punishable by imprisonment for five to ten years.

The aggravating circumstance ‘with violence’ is also interpreted broadly by the court. For example, grabbing a handbag is a violent theft.

Moreover, theft is an instantaneous crime that occurs as soon as the property is in the possession of the offender. Returning it to the owner afterwards will not reverse the theft.

Also with this type of crime, it is important that you always engage the assistance of a lawyer, both as a victim but also as a suspect. Our criminal law experts will assist you with clear advice and quick action.

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