Concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Bitcoin, Blockchain, drones, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Smart Home technology and Smart City projects are very popular. But companies that want to innovate in these areas also face legal challenges.

We help them find innovative solutions and do not shy away from treading uncharted paths. It is not for not for nothing that we are known as the most innovative offices in Europe.

Our experts always take a pragmatic and hands-on approach. In close cooperation with you, we arrive at innovative and workable IT solutions that are legally sound.

We draw up conclusive IT contracts for the development and implementation of IT applications and their use. Think for example SaaS agreements, SLAs, hosting, license agreements, etc.

You can also count on our assistance if something is in danger of going wrong during the execution of the IT project. In the event of an IT dispute, we look after your interests and determine the best legal and commercial strategy together with you.

Do you have a web shop or are starting one? We arrange all legal aspects for you, ranging from general terms and conditions to a privacy and cookie statement.

Do you work with electronic signatures? Then that falls under the eIDAS regulations. We discuss with you what you need to take into account and how you can cover risks.

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