Proceedings before a court should never be the only way out of a conflict. Through an impartial mediator, it is often possible for the parties to reach a fair agreement with mutual respect for everyone’s wishes and concerns. One advantage is that, during the mediation process, the parties pull the strings and remain in control. They are able to work out a solution in full knowledge of the facts. This is rarely the case in legal proceedings.

Unlike a judge, who will decide unilaterally who is right and who is wrong, the mediator will guide the parties in their negotiations in order to find a balanced agreement. The mediator uses his or her skills to maintain constructive communication between the parties and, above all, to allow them to negotiate on an equal footing.

It should also be noted that only a procedure with an authorized mediator offers the guarantee that everything is handled confidentially and that no statement or submitted document can be used later on in any proceedings before a court of law.

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