Random sampling reveals that 80% of employers request an extract from the criminal record (so-called ‘certificate of good conduct’) before hiring a new employee. In fact, this is not always legal, but unfortunately, we see in practice that those who cannot present a clean record will not be hired for a job.

Many people do not know that every conviction will remain in the national criminal register forever. So this also includes more ‘minor’ convictions by the police court. No matter how you look at it: a conviction is a handicap in the employment market.

In addition, a conviction from a long time ago can still have consequences today. For example, someone who was sentenced to 1 year in prison 40 years ago can never receive a suspended sentence again.

Fortunately, there is a procedure to be rehabilitated. Your criminal record will then be completely erased.

Our criminal lawyers believe that a person is much more than his past. In this way, we have already helped dozens of people with the restoration of their reputation and rights.

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