Jeroen De Man, LLM, is founder and Partner of ‘De Groote – De Man Advocaten’, a successful and continuously growing law firm in Ghent, Belgium. Over the past 10 years, his drive towards innovation and strong leadership has made the firm grow into one of the most renowned Belgian law firms, with (inter)national recognition.

Jeroen has been the driving force behind various innovations for the Belgian law practice. For example, in early November 2016, he was the founder of the start-up which won the Financial Times Innovative Lawyer Award 2017 for ‘New products and services’. He also offered legal support to SAAP aviation help platforms.

As he loves to travel, he also applies the legislation on passenger rights (EU261 / 04 regulation), whereby he could already help many hundreds of passengers claim compensation through claim organizations.

Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the law and his affinity with technology, he succeeds in turning “classic” cases into innovative tools, that help companies reduce their legal costs and also allow law firms to create scalability in the old-school billing (by the hour) market. That passion for Legal Tech makes him a frequently invited speaker on the subject.

He was a keynote speaker at different conferences throughout Europe, e.g. at Eléctrochoque Numérique in Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Legal Ai Forum in Londen, etc.

He supports entrepreneurship in many ways, e.g. as a mentor at The Birdhouse, where he advises and guides scale-ups towards (inter)national growth.

He believes in a pragmatic approach and in thinking along with the client’s enterprise, in function of their goal.

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