We enthusiastically announce the opening of our new De Groote – De Man office in Halle (Brussels)! In addition to our offices in Ghent and Brussels, this now is our third office.

We are of course very excited about this. But there’ s more!

This new establishment does not only mean a new location for De Groote – De Man. It also means the start-up of a new team and a whole lot of fresh expertise.

Integrating De Groote – De Man and Mr. Wolf

The new location in Halle is that of the well-known law firm ‘Mister Wolf’. As of today, they are fully integrating with De Groote – De Man.

This means that from now on, we co-exist under the name ‘De Groote – De Man’. An expansion in terms of team members, a new location and – last but not least – new expertise!

Our new ‘smart rebels’ bring along a great deal of extra experience and know-how in Property and Business Law. As a result, De Groote – De Man can not only help more companies and people, and do so from more locations, but also regarding a wider range of matters.

Mister Wolf: innovative Property and Business (law) experts

Mister Wolf was founded 5 years ago by Kris Du Bois, real estate expert and teacher of Property Law at the Antwerp Management School. Together with his team, Kris has guided clients in several domains over the past few years, with a focus on Real Estate and Business Law

They assisted individuals and companies in matters such as the supervision of large or smaller property transactions, collecting rents or evicting tenants, assisting contractors and promoters, architects, Ir’s and notaries and estate agents. In addition, they also act daily as a sounding board for numerous entrepreneurs and SMEs for any question they might have about trade contracts, disputes with customers and suppliers, takeovers and joint ventures, staffing problems, etc.

Match in innovative approach

Of course, the decision to integrate both offices goes beyond just complementary expertise. Also in terms of vision, there was a match. Both firms share a passion for entrepreneurship and believe in the power and necessity of innovation within the legal profession.

DGDM has already received international recognition for this. Thanks to our modern approach, the firm won the “Financial Times: Most Innovative Lawyers” award a few years ago. This recognition followed after the launch of Unpaid, an online platform for automatically collecting unpaid invoices.  Our innovation efforts have also led to nominations for the Trends Legal Awards in the main category ‘Best Belgian Law Firm’ over the past two years.

Stronger together

For many years, both De Groote – De Man and Mister Wolf have been consistently pursuing an innovative approach to the legal profession. Both firms step away from the dusty, elitist image of a lawyer who only intervenes in case of a problem. It was no surprise that Managing Partners, Jeroen De Man and Ingrid De Poorter, and ‘Mister Wolf’, Kris Du Bois, immediately hit it off.

“The future of advocacy lies in solutions that truly help people and companies to flourish and grow. What that means? Efficient solutions, digitisation, automation. And above all, being an accessible, proactive partner.”,  Managing Partner, Ingrid De Poorter explains.

What started out as a connection in vision soon grew into the ambition to join forces and spread the same shared philosophy as a single team.

“By integrating Mister Wolf at DGDM, we are moving forward on the innovative path as one force. In doing so, DGDM resolutely opts for customer centricity. Solutions for the customer, tailored to the customer and in consultation with the customer.”, says Jeroen De Man, Managing Partner.

As a new partner at De Groote – De Man, Kris Du Bois is looking forward to the future with enthusiasm:

“The integration at DGDM is a ‘1 + 1 = 3’ story. The view on what the legal profession should be appeared to be incredibly similar, the skills and the regions complementary. By combining our strengths, people and ideas, we are able to be even more ground-breaking than before, with one clear goal: ensuring that the client is highly satisfied! We can hardly wait!”.

Jeroen De Man Ingrid De Poorter en Kris Du Bois
Partners De Groote – De Man: Jeroen De Man (left), Ingrid De Poorter and Kris Du Bois (right)

Larger expansion strategy

The integration of Mister Wolf is part of De Groote – De Man’s ambitious expansion plan. Our office has grown considerably these past years. In order to meet additional domestic and foreign clientele, several new establishments are on the agenda for the coming years. This both in Belgium and abroad.

Questions or need more info?

If you have any questions about the new office in Halle or our new team members? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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