This month marks an important new chapter for our firm, because from now on, De Groote – De Man is also based in Brussels! With our new office on Avenue Louise, we want to be more centrally accessible to our partners and clients. Of course, we will remain available from our head office in Ghent as well.

De Groote - De Man kantoor Brussel

Why Brussels?

Our office has grown significantly in the past year, in terms of both staffing and clientele. We are now providing our services to clients throughout Belgium as well as internationally. That’s why it gradually became clear that a location in Ghent alone would no longer suffice. To enable us to handle projects and collaborations as efficiently as possible, the capital is the logical choice. It’s where many of the companies and partners with whom we collaborate are based, plus, the central location in Belgium is also easier to reach for clients from other regions or our international clients (proximity to the airport).

Where to find us?

The new DGDM offices are located at Avenue Louise 65/11 in Brussels. Just like the Ghent offices, the opening hours are every business day from 8 AM – 7 PM. To make an appointment, you can reach us in Brussels by telephone on +32 2 535 79 26.

(Would you like to make an appointment in Ghent? Click here to view the address details of the Ghent offices.)

You can also reach us via mail at or via digital channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. If you have a more detailed question, you can use the contact form. Our lawyers will get back to you as soon as possible.

You’re welcome to make an appointment at our offices at any time, but we are also happy to communicate remotely by telephone, Skype, … Or we can come to your location.

Ghent remains the head office

Our head office will remain in Ghent. Having two locations will make it easier for our clients to choose the most convenient location for them. Our lawyers are available in both Brussels and Ghent.

(Would you like to find out who they are? Click here to get to know our team.)

All our services are available at both locations. Have a look at how we can help you:

Corporate law
Privacy & IT
Real estate law
Private and family law
Traffic and liability law