Making law accessible to everyone. That is why De Groote – De Man, aka DGDM, exists. Our passionate team is committed to fulfilling this ambitious mission every day. We do this not only while defending, guiding and supporting you, our clients, but also with the development of new tools that bring legal services closer to people.

We are now proud to see that our efforts in this domain have been recognised. For the second year in a row, DGDM is finalist for the title of ‘Best Law Firm’ at the Trends Legal Awards!

Every year, the Trends Legal Awards, organized by Trends Magazine, award prizes to the most deserving law firms of the year. The category ‘Best Law Firm’ is the main prize.

This second nomination is not only a great honour for our firm, but also a clear indication that the legal sector attaches increasing importance to innovation.

The modernisation of the legal profession

Our firm has been committed to modernising the legal profession (and the legal world in general) for many years. In doing so, we embrace the opportunities that technology offers us today. Our vision is that, technology and services go hand in hand to really help people and businesses. To achieve this, we consciously abandon the traditional interpretation of the legal profession and opt for accessibility, clarity and practical, tailor-made solutions.

As ‘smart rebels’, we go far beyond the comfort zone of the legal profession.

Advocates of Legal Tech

DGDM launched the first Legal Tech platform in Belgium. ‘Legal Tech’ is the concept of providing legal services in the form of a technological tool. And according to our firm, it is also the future of the legal sector.

In 2016, DGDM developed the platform Unpaid. Via this website, entrepreneurs can quickly and inexpensively collect their unpaid invoices, completely online and without the intervention of a lawyer or a court. Since its launch, Unpaid has grown into a fully-fledged tech scale up with its own team, outside our office.

The launch of Unpaid gained a lot of admiration at home and abroad. In 2017, our firm won international awards with the Financial Times: Most Innovative Lawyers award.

De Groote - De Man wint Financial Times Most Innovative Lawyers Award
De Groote – De Man wins Financial Times Most Innovative Lawyers Award

You can read more about that here:

Since the creation of Unpaid, our Managing Partner, Jeroen De Man, travels all over Europe as a keynote speaker. At conferences in Geneva, London, Paris, Luxembourg, etc., he talks about the possibilities of innovation and legal technology for the legal sector.

“The slow, conservative and somewhat rigid legal process is outdated. Technology is a tool and law should also be. If we combine both, we can help people and companies more quickly, more cheaply and on a much larger scale,” says Jeroen.

It is also that mindset that is reflected in our mission and vision. We see law as a tool to help companies and people grow.

Award ceremony

The presentation of the Trends Legal Awards will take place this year on Tuesday 19 November.

Update: DGDM did not win this year, but we take pride in the acknoledgement of being selected as a finalist and we want to thank all of our teammembers, clients and partners for making our succes possible!