In law firms, everything revolves around billable hours. That is the basis on which they bill their clients. The goal of every employee is to be able to write as many billable hours as possible for her or his clients, in order to generate the highest possible revenue for the firm.

De Groote – De Man (DGDM) has moved away from that model with its Corporate Rebels Plan. Instead of focusing on hours, employees and teams set their own salaries and vacations. Based on that, they commit to certain revenue goals for the coming year. They then strategize with management to meet those goals.

Tom Verboven, managing director People & Transformation at PwC and also a member of the jury: “It is revolutionary in its sector. A great merit is that it is also a structural and strategic approach. It is not ad hoc and one-off, as is the case with many welfare projects, but it goes to the core of the business activities and creates change there,” he says. “The plan challenges what no one in the sector questions. That takes courage.”

Here is the link to the October 26, 2023 Trends article, “The Groote – The Man: Rebellious and Revolutionary.