Passion for criminal law

The penchant for criminal law already played a prominent role during Justine’s studies. During her Criminology studies, Justine did an internship with the assistance and services team of the Welfare, Public Health and Family Department of the Flemish Government. This gave Justine the opportunity to visit several prisons in Flanders with a view to developing strategic policy within the prison system. Her Master’s thesis in Criminology was about the forced transfer of European prisoners.

Inspired by Criminology, Justine started her Law studies with a specific focus on international criminal law. Among other things, she did numerous internships at several criminal law firms. The highlight of her studies was her participation in the international competition ‘Moot Court International Private Law’ where she and her team won second place for ‘best written memorial’.

She took the ‘Legal Clinic Human Rights‘ as an elective course. These are real cases in cooperation with NPOs and law firms for which, among other things, she wrote a bill on bone scans of underage aliens. A second project was co-writing a criminal complaint before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Justine also took an additional course in ‘Legal French‘.

Beautiful combination of two complementary studies.

Justine takes these experiences into her daily practice as a lawyer. In Criminology, the emphasis was on the point of view of “The Prosecutor’s Office. During her additional studies in Law, Justine became intrigued by both the side of the offender and the side of the victim. She wants to help people in the most vulnerable moment in their lives and make a difference for people in a difficult time. Both studies are a great combination: taking the prior knowledge from criminology into practice, along with the legal aspect.

Playground work and dancing.

In her teens, Justine volunteered at playground work and was in the youth movement. Then she developed a passion for dancing and teaching dance. Justine dances on a HipHop competition team, Funky Fresh. Together with her team, she won third place at the 2018 UDO World Championships in Glasgow. This makes Justine go to extremes to achieve the best possible result in collaboration with the entire team.

She also teaches dance to both young children and college students. In doing so, she invents her own choreographies.

Lastly, Justine enjoys spending time with her friends at a nice restaurant in town.