Every company has a “compliance risk”.  This is the risk that the company will be sanctioned for non-compliance with legal or regulatory rules of integrity and/or conduct. This can result in financial losses and damage to your company’s reputation.

In order to limit compliance risks, your company needs an appropriate organization structure. At financial institutions, the implementation of a compliance function is even mandatory.

Our compliance experts assist various international and national companies in implementing a strong policy. They have extensive experience in providing assistance and advice to financial institutions and accountancy firms. Moreover, we can call upon an international network of specialists to support you on an international scale.

As experts in compliance, we advise you, among other things, in the following areas:

– Setting up an appropriate organizational structure, focused on compliance & regulatory ;

– Identifying, mitigating and monitoring the compliance risks for your company;

– Implementing new policies and procedures related to compliance within your company (e.g. customer acceptance procedure in function of AML, FATCA, CSR, etc.);

– Training and support of employees in the process of this implementation;

– Follow-up and support in the communication with and sometimes mandatory reporting to the various regulators (e.g. National Bank, FSMA, BMA, CREG, etc.).

Take a look at some of our specific products/services on liability/compliance, or contact us for more specific questions.

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