Any error that leads to damage can be grounds for compensation. Sometimes the consequences are very serious. Your dog gets loose on the street, your children light a small fire in the park, you drop that Chinese vase at the antiques shop … All situations that no one wanted, but which can lead to enormous damage claims. Always make sure that you are properly insured.

In addition, never simply admit liability and only communicate after consultation with a lawyer. Mails, but also text messages or posts on social media can be used as evidence against you.

Have you been a victim of damage? It often happens that the public prosecutor dismisses a case for lack of evidence or if the perpetrator is unknown. You should be aware that you can then file a complaint as a civil party with the investigating judge. They can often have a more thorough investigation carried out. Your lawyer may also request that certain additional investigations be carried out (witness interviews, requesting camera images, telephone investigation, house search, etc.).

Both as a victim and as a suspect, the cost of a lawyer is usually covered by your family insurance. Check your policy thoroughly for legal assistance and never hesitate to engage the services of a lawyer.

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