Any mistake that leads to damage may result in a compensation claim. Sometimes the consequences are very significant. For example, your dog runs loose on the street, your children start a small fire in the park, you drop that Chinese vase at the antique dealer. These are all situations that no one intended, but they can lead to enormous damage claims. Therefore, always make sure you are well insured.

Additionally, never admit any liability without consulting a lawyer, even to your insurer. Emails, as well as text messages or social media posts, can be used as evidence against you.

Our Criminal Law experts have expertise in various types of liability, ranging from contractor liability and product liability to parental or guardian liability.

In liability cases within a criminal procedure, it often happens that the public prosecutor dismisses a case due to lack of evidence or if the perpetrator is unknown. Are you a victim of damage? Know that you can still file a complaint as a civil party with the investigating judge. This can often lead to a more thorough investigation. As lawyers, we can also request that certain additional investigative actions be taken (witness interviews, retrieval of camera footage, phone investigations, searches, etc.).

Whether you are a victim or a suspect, the cost of a lawyer is often covered by your family insurance. Review your policy carefully to see if legal assistance is provided and never hesitate to hire a lawyer.

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