Real estate transactions

We set up property transactions and assist you in the negotiation and completion. In doing so, we go a lot further than just drawing up the legal agreement. We map out risks and opportunities tailored to your needs…

You can rely on us for transactions such as rental or purchase, leasehold, building, leasing, insecure tenure, VAT constructions, …

Also share-deals (transfer of real estate through shares), due diligence, share purchase agreements (SPA’s) are included in our daily offer.

Real estate investments

When advising on real estate investments, we go beyond the strictly legal side of things. We provide knowledge of real estate economics, figures, risks, taxation, yields,…

In addition, we can call upon an extensive network of experts in this area.

As a professional real estate investor you will find with us a lawyer who fully understands the real estate process, who knows the importance of “time” and lead time of a project and takes this into account in contracts, can draw up payment schedules, is able to hedge risks, etc.

As a private investor we provide you with an answer to the question “Is it still interesting to invest in real estate today and if so, in what type and how?”.

We are also a sounding board for notaries and real estate agents of which the file involves difficulties.

Look below for our products or contact us with your specific question. Our experts will help you out in a concrete and swift way.

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