Since sexual offenses are associated with sexuality, they are highly sensitive matters in our society. Especially when minors are involved. The penalty for sexual offenses is therefore much higher than for other offenses. Both as a victim and as a suspect, it’s best to engage the help of a lawyer with expertise.

Our criminal law experts work together with specialists to assist offenders. Sexual offenses always have to do with a ‘problem’ on the part of the perpetrator. They may be a danger to society and/or require counselling and therapy.

For victims, as well, we call upon experienced traumatologists who can assist them. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach.

Another reason for choosing a good lawyer is the difficulty of proving sexual offenses. Often there are no direct witnesses, there is no (longer) evidence of sexual relations or certain traces have already been erased. It is therefore very important to react quickly when sexual offences are involved. Our experts know which steps are necessary and will provide you with the right advice.

Our criminal lawyers have years of experience assisting clients in cases of sexual offenses and can take immediate action. We support you with clear advice and decisive action. You can contact us as a victim, but also when you are a suspect.

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