Financial crimes are what is known as white collar crime. These crimes always involve money. Such cases are often complex, because both the criminal and the business aspects are important elements. For such cases, our criminal law team works together with our corporate law experts to achieve the best possible result.

Financial investigations can take years, so that the statute of limitations for the crimes may already be approaching. Please note, the statute of limitations for the criminal action does not necessarily coincide with that of the civil claim (for example, from a receiver, or the tax or customs authorities). If the civil action is instituted before the statute of limitations for the criminal action has been reached and if, when the criminal action is brought before a court, it is not yet time-barred, the court will have to rule on the civil claim. It can therefore be very important to use certain legal remedies that extend a judicial investigation in order to obtain an early time-barring, before it comes to a lawsuit.

We work together with experienced forensic accountants and other experts to defend suspects. For example, in the case of forgery of documents, a handwriting expert can be called upon.

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