Every company, association or government agency processes personal data in one way or another. Think of staff, costumers, members, suppliers, website visitors, etc. In doing so, you must strictly comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (also known as GDPR).

The obligations of the GDPR are technical, organizational as well as legal. In addition, there are strict fines and penalties for non-compliance. Many companies become overwhelmed by the details or are not aware of all the risks.

Our experts have extensive experience in this matter, in various sectors and for international parties.

We can help you with GDPR audits and advice on various privacy related issues.

In addition, we assist organizations with the drafting of policies, procedures, and registers.

We provide assistance with the negotiation, drafting and finalization of GDPR agreements or carrying out a DPIA.

For questions concerning qualifications or international transfers within more complex organizational structures, we set up a coherent GDPR framework.

In the event of a data breach, request or complaint from an involved party, or a dispute before the Data Protection Authority, you can, of course, contact us.

Finally, we offer various DPO and EU representative services and opportunities for lectures, training, and education.

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